Drip Air Force 1

Drip Air Force 1


Drip Air Force 1.


The Drip Air Force 1 are a classic pair of custom trainers, painted on all white air Force 1's. Each pair is hand painted using Angelus professional shoe paints, finished with a scratch and waterproof coat. 


The drip effect is painted on the outers of the trainers, while the inners remain plain.


* Please allow an estimated 2 weeks for producing and a further week for shipping (you will receive a shipping conformation email upon dispatch)


- All pairs are completely hand painted 

- Hand wash only ( Take care when wearing and cleaning)

- Tracked shipping used


As these are custom trainers, extra care will need to be taken when wearing. Please do not purposely scratch or pick at the pain. Trainers are not repaired due to poor care, and no refunds are provided accordingly.


*Customs may differ slightly to image


Please allow 2-3 weeks before postage


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